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Crystal Healing

Reiki is a powerful and widely popular Japanese energy healing technique that is able to offer unparalleled benefits to those who receive it. As a practitioner of this transformative art, it is important for me to have been attuned by a Reiki Master, ensuring that my abilities are both authentic and effective. Additionally, it is worth noting that the experience can be tailored to accommodate your personal level of comfort- whether that means hands-on or hands-off, and regardless of whether we are meeting in person or remotely.

A truly holistic approach, Reiki is designed to work with the energy of your entire being, from the physical to the emotional and beyond. This helps to facilitate the healing process on multiple levels, and may help you to experience profound benefits as a result. In fact, people all over the world are incorporating Reiki into their lives to improve overall health and well-being. In recognition of its efficacy, some NHS trusts are also beginning to implement Reiki as a part of their wellness offerings for patients.

I offer in-person, mobile and distance Reiki appointments, which you can book through my website.

The art of meditation is something that has been practiced since ancient times, with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds incorporating unique methodologies and techniques into their practice. My style of meditation is a guided journey, which allows individuals to embark on a transformative experience that aims to enhance their spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Every journey has a purpose and an intention, which is carefully stated at the beginning of the recording. By offering a meaningful intention, individuals can fully immerse themselves in the journey and experience a profound sense of clarity and connection.

One of the most unique aspects of my style of meditation is the use of E-WorkBooks, which are also available to help deepen an individual’s understanding of what came to them during the meditation. The E-WorkBooks provide valuable journal prompts and other activities that support self-exploration and introspection. I like to think of these workbooks as “Spiritual mentorship in your pocket,” offering individuals easy and accessible ways to engage in deep and meaningful reflection. Additionally, some of the meditations offered may not require an E-WorkBook, as they have a simple intention, such as relaxation or sleep.

You can purchase my meditation offerings on their own, or alongside an E-WorkBook in my shop. There are also bundle deals available for meditations that are cohesive, such as the Chakra Guided Meditation bundle.

The coaching experience I offer is absolutely different than what you may expect from traditional life coaching. I am extremely passionate about this service and always strive to provide my clients with a personalized and 1-1 healing experience. What sets me apart is the unconventional approach of using alternative tools to help my clients achieve their goals. For instance, we may work together to plan affirmations specifically tailored to evoke particular emotions, and use essential oils to enhance the process of emotional healing. I will also craft a customized meditation script based on your unique needs and preferences to help you overcome any emotional blockages. Additionally, I am proud to offer the use of Reiki, which can help you re-align your energies and find balance in any area of your life. I have garnered wonderful success with both online and in-person clients, as I believe in leading my clients down a path of self-discovery through client-led healing. Trust me to tailor the healing experience specifically to you, as you take the first steps towards living the life you always envisioned.

1-1 Spiritual Life Coaching sessions are able to be booked on my Bookings page.

Crystal Healing is a therapeutic practice that has been used for centuries to provide a holistic and nurturing experience to individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being. This process involves the use of carefully selected crystals that are placed strategically on specific points of the body, in order to restore balance to the mind, body, and soul. At the core of crystal healing is the belief that these crystals have inherent properties that can restore and enhance various bodily and spiritual functions.

During the process, the practitioner and the client engage in a consultation to determine the areas of the body that need healing, and a personalized healing plan is created based on the client’s individual needs. Once the selected crystals are placed on the body, the client is left to relax in a peaceful environment, allowing the crystals to work their magic, and promote a calming and restorative sense of well-being. Therefore, crystal healing is a non-invasive, safe and effective therapy that promotes healing from an energetic perspective, and can be enjoyed by individuals from any walk of life.

Crystal healing is able to be booked in-person or mobile, and appointments can be made via my Bookings page.

Why Choose Me?

A Holistic Approach

I ensure that every offering is beneficial to mind, body and soul. Whether it’s an individual session, a workshop or group session or a meditation you’ve purchased, you can always rest assured that you are working on your whole self.

Personalised Offerings

Everything I offer is a creation of my own, and has helped me heal myself. I believe this means these creations can also help others on a healing journey.

Support & Guidance

Whether its with the provided EWorkBooks or in-person or online 1-1s, I pride myself on taking the time to support my clients through their journey.