Meet Teri

My name is Teri, and I have lived in the UK for more than a decade, having moved from Canada in 2013 to pursue my career in education.

Although I adored many aspects about working in schools, something I found challenging was managing the stress. I have always struggled with anxiety on and off, but it seemed that by my mid-20s, anxiety had become a permanent resident in my mind. I was having trouble sleeping, struggling to focus and every day I felt like I had mentally ran a marathon. It wasn’t long before the stress and anxiety began to physically manifest, and I became a victim of an overactive thyroid; something genetic that was, unfortunately, triggered by my stress levels. I felt horrendous, and tried to navigate my illness with a lot of ‘plaster’ solutions in the form of over-the-counter medications, more prescriptions for more symptoms… in the end, I was not even 30 with a pillbox full of morning and nightly medications, all for different things. However, I was never really addressing the root of the problem. My mental health was still low, my physical body was still tired, and I was losing hope. I knew I needed to address things in a linear way that made sense to me, while also dealing with the mental side of the anxiety and not just the physical symptoms. It’s not easy to do the deep inner-work, but I’m glad I started when I did.

In 2018, I decided that I wanted to try a different approach to my my healing journey and look at things in a holistic way; mind, body and spirit. I started to look at complementary therapies, like reiki, crystals, essential oils and meditation, to see if I could help myself heal in a deeper, more permanent way. I found a new love for a world that I never knew existed, and slowly but surely began to heal my mind, body and spirit; hope and optimism was returning. The modalities that worked for me are what I went on to train in, and what I offer to you today.

I find meditation so beneficial for my mind and soul. It takes me to deep healing places, and helped me navigate my own triggers, boundaries and issues in ways I had never experienced before; my understanding of the world around me has never been more clear. Pairing the meditations with crystals and essential oils ensures it is an entirely immersive healing experience, and when I write my workbooks or offer workshops, I provide all of that insight. I am proud to say that all of the meditations you experience through my shop are my own creations. These are born of my own healing, and I am sharing them in hopes that they will help others in the way they have helped me.

Reiki is something I embody and practise daily, and it has well and truly changed my life. Accessing reiki energy is a feeling that myself and my clients all agree is truly ‘indescribable’ for all the best reasons. It heals for the highest good always, and I am proud beyond measure to share this healing modality with others. Spiritual coaching was a next natural step, as I love working with others and helping them on their journeys to step into and claim their own power. The teacher in me never really left; I just changed direction. 

Ultimately, my goal is to help as many people as possible find inner peace and contentment that puts their soul at peace: it is a beautifully intimate journey to find yourself again, and I am grateful to anyone who has me as part of that journey.


Client Testimonials

“Teri’s group meditation sessions were amazing. I struggle with many on line guided meditations but with teri’s soothing voice, calming energy and relaxed manner I fully embraced the meditation. I would highly recommend attending a session even if you are a newbie. Teri will guide you through. A beautiful soul xx.”

-Steph, group in-person meditation

“Oh Teri, thank you soul very much.  It felt amazing.  Like a ball of light travelling down my body.  I had some powerful feelings in the sacral chakra.  It’s been on going work from the weekend that really helped me shift the last bits of all the feels stuck there.  I had a massive shift this weekend and with your beautiful Reiki this grand rising I feel totally at peace in my mind body and soul.  Oh Teri, I’ve never had reiki and didn’t know what I would feel.  I feel amazing and also like I could go to sleep.” 

-Kate, distance reiki

“I highly recommend Teri’s Reiki sessions. I suffer from a few different health conditions that cause pain all over and fatigue. During my session, my whole body was weightless and painless. It was an amazing feeling that everyone should experience. Afterwards, I had such a positive outlook and had a really good night’s sleep, which I normally struggle with.

I also highly recommend her in person meditation sessions. I thought I would struggle meditating around people I didn’t know, but Teri puts even the most nervous people at ease. She has a very calming and positive aura.”

– Heather, in-person reiki and group in-person meditation

“I’ve been with meditating with Teri since Lockdown 2020, so when I knew she was creating a website, I was so excited. I loved Teri’s live weekly circles during lockdown. I feel like now I get the best of both worlds, as I am able to use her meditations flexibly, whenever I need them, but still benefit from live offerings.

Teri puts so much thought and energy into the mediations, and is always on hand for follow ups.

I will forever be grateful for these meditations, and look forward to each new one. There will really never be the words to explain why you should want to be part of her community, as you really do just need to try one of her meditations to understand how special they are.”

– Katie, online meditations and online offerings