12 Month Oracle Forecast


This is a fantastic offering for anyone looking for a focus for your year ahead! With this purchase, you will receive a PDF emailed to you with one oracle card drawn per month (from the next month of purchase. For example, if you purchase in February, your PDF will cover March 2024- February 2025), the card and interpretation explained, recommended crystals, essential oils/scents and activities for that month and journal prompts to help you reflect and grow. Please see the product images for an example/sample of what to expect.


Why wait for the new year to consider where your path is headed? We all know that January doesn’t always work out as the start of our new year; sometimes we emerge as spring approaches. Whenever that ‘new year’ energy hits, approach your year with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity with my exclusive 12-Month Oracle Card Forecast! If you’re seeking guidance, inspiration, and a personalized roadmap for the year ahead, this offering is tailor-made for you.

When you choose this offering, you’re investing in a year of self-discovery, growth, and alignment with your deepest desires. Here’s what you can expect with your purchase:

Monthly Oracle Card Guidance: You will receive a beautifully designed PDF in your inbox with guidance for 12 months from the date of purchase.  This digital treasure is a gateway to the wisdom of the universe, with one carefully drawn oracle card for each month. These cards hold profound insights and will act as your guiding stars through the year.

Comprehensive Interpretations: The magic of this 12-Month Oracle Card Forecast lies not only in the cards themselves but also in the in-depth interpretations that accompany them. I aim to provide you with clear and inspiring explanations of each card’s significance, helping you unlock the deeper meaning behind each card.

Unlock the Power of Crystals: To enhance your connection with the monthly oracle card, I’ll recommend specific crystals that resonate with the energy and themes of each card. Crystals have the power to amplify your intentions and bring harmony to your life.

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils:  Immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy as I suggest essential oils, herbs and scents that align with the energies of the month. These fragrant companions will help you create a sensory experience that harmonises your mind, body, and spirit, working with the crystal and your monthly intentions.

Reflect and Grow with Journal Prompts: To facilitate self-reflection and personal growth, each month includes journal prompts. These thought-provoking questions will encourage you to delve deeper into your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, helping you gain valuable insights and chart your progress throughout the year.

This 12-Month Oracle Card Forecast isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in your personal and spiritual development. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll embark on a year-long journey of self-discovery and transformation. Find focus, clarity, and empowerment as you navigate your year with intention and grace.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the wisdom of the cosmos and make this a year of profound growth and abundance. Purchase a 12-Month Oracle Card Forecast and experience the magic of guided self-discovery like never before.

Please note the product images are samples only- you will be emailed to choose which deck you’d like, and your PDF will include a card and messages, tools and reflections for each month. The sample is to demonstrate the style of the PDF only.